Having your photograph taken doesn’t have to be a painful experience and yet most people don’t like to be in front of a camera, even for their wedding day. Often the first thing we notice when we see a picture of ourselves is our flaws and imperfections, thinking “I wish I could change this or that”.

When our couples are feeling relaxed and focusing on each other, that’s when the magic happens. A look here, a touch there, when your partner makes you laugh out loud; that’s what we’re looking for. It becomes so much more than a photograph. It’s a story of how you connect with each other, a story you can share for generations to come.

If you are looking for MAGIC MAKERS who are experienced in wedding photography and yet offer a unique and artistic perspective, then we might just be the right fit.

- Clements and the Fox

What it's like to work with us

Our style can be described as moody, romantic, whimsical and joyful. We like to be unobtrusive, moving between of balance of direction and candid moments. Learn more about what it's like to work with us.

"It was such a pleasure to have Karyn and Ben shoot our wedding. We had a very relaxed approach to our wedding and it made all the difference to have Karyn’s expertise to lean on. She went above and beyond as a photographer, offering advice and guidance on our whole wedding. She helped us piece together the timeline and logistics, and actually recommended a handful of the vendors we ended up hiring (who were all fantastic, too). She really listened to us and understood what we wanted, and we ended up with the most chill, fun and truly perfect day. Our photos really captured that and we are so happy with how they turned out. I couldn’t recommend Clements & The Fox enough. Thanks so much Karyn and Ben!"

Katrina + Tobias


Each of our couples receive our A Practical Wedding Guide, after booking with us. Below is an excerpt of what you can expect from the guide, including suggested timelines.

In this comprehensive guide we cover the following topics:

PART 1: Working with Clements and the Fox

PART 2: The Importance of a well-crafted timeline

PART 3: Intentional Gathering

PART 4: Bonus Tips & Recommendations

It is our intention to equip you with the best information, so you can get the most out of your photographs. This guide is an accumulation of more than 8 years of retrospective notes and observations, that we have collected along the way. We hope that this guide helps our couples in achieving a relaxed wedding day.

Pricing Info


We believe in working with couples who have an appreciation for expression and creativity. Couples who actually want to be captured in their element, imperfections and all. If you're digging our vibes and like what you see, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

We currently offer weddings with a minimum of 3 hours coverage.

If you want to know more we'll shoot you through our 2023 Pricing Guide. Then if you'd like to meet with us we can chat over Skype/Zoom or you can come to our office based in Maylands. We'll ask you all about about your wedding plans and do our best to help you make informed decisions and maybe even provide a different perspective on the ways of planning and thinking about your wedding. It's our intention that you'll walk away with more knowledge, empowering you to make informed choices so that you can have an epic day of celebrating!


We adore portrait sessions! We love to photograph couples, maternity sessions and family sessions.. We are very relaxed in our approach, helping our clients to feel at ease in front of the camera.

If you would like to know more we'll shoot you through our 2023 Pricing Guide, and then we'll book a time for your session. We will make recommendations on location and styling.

What's included?





Absolutely. There is nothing we would rather be doing than taking pictures of people in love.

We have many friends and family in the LGBTQ2S+ community and we whole-heartedly believe in supporting them and their choices. Love is love.


Absolutely yes to both!

When we work with our couples, we are asking them to invest in us. We honour our couples by doing everything we possibly can to ensure that their images are protected and kept safe.

We are always well-prepared in our planning. We bring back-up cameras, back-up batteries, back-up memory cards, back-up flashes and while we are shooting, we are shooting on two card slots at the same time. So, if one of the cards ever fail we have an instant backup. And we are happy to say they have never failed us. Not once. Touch wood!

Each wedding collection includes:

+ Consultations, ongoing communication and support
+ Location scout prior to the wedding

+ Suggested timelines worked through with Karyn

+ A Practical Wedding Guide

+ Private online gallery with Websize + High Resolution images

Pricing and inclusions are valid until 31st March 2023.



Depending on how long you have us with you on the day, will depend on how many final images you will receive. We roughly estimate that you will receive somewhere between 70 and 80 images per photographic hour of coverage.

It can be overwhelming to receive an over-the-top amount of images and yet we will do everything in our power to capture all of the important parts of the day. We will give you a selection of the very best images from the day, ones that you will want to display and share with your friends and family.


Like a delightful fine wine, we believe quality & craftsmanship take time, attention and care. We never want to rush the processing of your images and for that reason we estimate final delivery of your images will take between 8 - 12 weeks.

During peak wedding season, which is roughly September - March in Australia, it will usually take 10 weeks to receive your final package. Just know that we are diligently working on your images to get them to you as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience. If however you would like an expedited turnaround of your photographs, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Most people don't and that's okay. All we ask of you is that you trust in us, be open and let us into your world. The more that we know about you, the things that make your heart sing and the important relationships in your life, the better we can tell your story. So please don't hold back on us!

Most people's experience of having their photo taken has been that age old technique of having a camera shoved in their face and forcing the person to say "Cheese!"... How cheesy! We like to think we're slightly more skilled than that ;)

Whilst we cannot change the way you look or how you feel about yourself (that part is up to you), we can do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you are in front of the camera. When shooting your portraits, we will work with you to get you warmed up in a way that is fun and relaxed. Then, as you start to feel comfortable (which we can always tell!), we'll start to focus on capturing what's happening in front of us and give direction when needed.

In order for us to our best work, all we really want is for you to enjoy each other's company.


Yes! We welcome the opportunity to create this for you as a final celebration of your wedding day.

We work with Australian based printing houses to deliver long lasting and superior fine art quality prints and albums. We will work with you to ensure that your wedding album is in your hands within 12 months of your wedding, allowing up to three rounds of edits and online revisions.

All Wedding Albums receive a 10% discount when purchased at the time of booking.


We have an open, reliable and honest means of communication, where we are committed to providing you with the best customer service. You can chat to us any time and ask questions at any stage throughout the planning process. We know how stressful it can be planning a wedding and we have some good tips to share from our own wedding day. We will work closely with you on your timeline to ensure there is time to breathe and relax on your wedding day as well as capture you in the best light of the day (during golden hour).

We also have online systems to help organise our couples, where we keep important information such as documents, contracts, reminders, timelines and questionnaires. These are easily viewed online and keeps paper waste to a minimum.

What happens if our wedding is cancelled due to covid-19?

The Covid-19 situation is especially frustrating for couples planning their wedding, we totally understand! That's why we aim to be as supportive and accommodating as possible, especially when our couples need to reschedule their wedding date due to Covid-19. We want all our couples to know the following:

- You can postpone your wedding to a later date, with no changes in our agreement.
- We will hold a second date for you within 12 months of the original date, with no additional fees.
- We will discuss flexible payment options on a per-couple basis, finding what will work best.
- And we will always have an open-door policy and work through problems together as they arise.

We've totally got your back! :)


The long term future of the world is really important to us and we one day want to raise a family here. So making sure that Mother Earth is well looked after and is thriving for the next generation is really important to us.

We aim to cut down on waste, in our personal lives and business lives. We aim to be more conscious by really looking after ourselves so that we can perform at our best and make good choices.

Karyn is also on the team at @conscious.living.project you can check out more on instagram :)

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