Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do you believe in marriage equality?

      Abso-freakin-lutley! There is nothing we would rather do than take pictures of people in love, whether they are gay, straight, orange, green, tall, short, male, female or somewhere in between. We have many friends and family in the LGBTQ community and we believe after everything is said and done, love is love. #lovewins

      • What's included in a wedding collection?

      Each collection includes:
      + Consultations, ongoing communication and support
      + Location Scout, prior to the wedding
      + Suggested timelines
      + Professionally edited photographs, each personally edited by Karyn
      + USB with High Resolution Digital Files
      + Private Online Gallery, for easily sharing with friends and family

      • Do you have insurance and back up gear?

      Absolutely yes to both! :)

      We do everything we can to ensure your images are protected and safe, so that you can focus on having the time of your life!

      We are always well-prepared in our planning. We bring back up camera's, back up batteries, back up memory cards, back up flashes etc and while we are shooting, we are shooting on two card slots at the same time. So that if one of them ever fails, we have an instant back up and we are happy to say they have never failed us. Not once.

      • How many images do we receive?

      Depending on how long you have us with you on the day depends on how many images you will receive. We roughly estimate that you will receive somewhere between 80 and 100 images per photographic hour of coverage.

      We will document the day in as little fuss as possible and aim to make it as relaxed for you as possible, making sure to capture the important bits.

      • How long can we expect to receive our photographs?

      We believe quality and craftsmanship takes care, attention and time. That is why we suggest 8 - 12 weeks for you to receive your complete wedding gallery + package, and 4 - 8 weeks for portraits shoots.

      During peak season, September to March in Australia, it may take a little bit longer.

      If you need commercial photographs with a quicker turnaround, this can be arranged. Please let us know!

      • Do you make Fine Art Albums?

      We certainly do!

      After working closely on each of your images one by one, we welcome the opportunity to design your Premium Fine Art Album. It will be a final celebration of your wedding day! If you choose to order an album with us, we will begin working on this after you have received your final images.

      We offer sizes in small (6 x 6“), medium (10 x 10”) and large (12 x 12”).

      Please us ask about pricing and the album design process.

      • How do we work with you to achieve our goals?

      After the initial consultation and once you have booked with us, we have an open, reliable and honest means of communication, where we are committed to providing you with the best customer service. You can chat to us any time and ask questions at any stage throughout the planning process. We know how stressful it can be planning a wedding and we have some good tips to share from our own wedding day.

      We have online systems for our couples, so important documents, contracts, reminders, timelines and questionnaires can be viewed online, so you don't need to worry about printing off a contract, thus saving paper and time!

      • We don't like having our photos taken, will you make us look good?

      That's the goal baby!

      It's our job to capture you at your best and all the candid moments in between. We like to describe our photography as a kind of nostalgic, documentary-type style, where we'll capture what's happening in front of us, as it unfolds. We look forward to capturing the intimate moments between the two of you.

      We will make suggestions here and there of where to stand if we feel we need to, but mostly we want you to enjoy each other and soak in the presence of one another.

      • What are you doing to help protect the Earth and be sustainable?

      The long term future of the world is really important to us, as we one day want to raise a family here. So making sure that Earth is well looked after and is thriving for the next generation is really important.

      Aside from drinking water out of glass water bottles, growing our own herbs and veggies, choosing free-range foods and recycling + reusing goods, as a small business we also endeavour to cut back on paper usage as well.

      + Karyn is also on the team of where we help people make conscious choices that feel good to them. You can check it out on instagram for more info!