Meet Karyn + Ben

      Clements and the Fox is a wife-and-husband duo, led by Karyn and assisted by Ben.

      If we're to put labels on ourselves, (which is so easy to do when introducing yourself for the first time), Ben is a Sign Writer and Karyn is a Photographer. However, not wanting to be defined by our "work" we've decided to shake things up a little bit:

      Karyn and Ben are a team.
      Lovers and best friends.
      Ben rides motorbikes. He loves cars, bikes, bicycles and skateboards. 
      Karyn loves incense, art, indie films, hot vinyasa, black coffee and drawing in her notepad.
      We both hustle like hell, but we aim to do things a little differently.

      In our most recent, first year of being married, we hustled so hard for the things we wanted. We worked our butts off to make it all happen. We knew we had the ability, skills and determination to make anything happen for us, because we believe so hard in each other and ourselves. But we're choosing something else. We're choosing more love, joy, peace, creativity, freedom, space, time AND skateboarding, always more skateboarding.

      Welcome to Clements and the Fox.


      We married in March 2017 and it was the most incredible day because we surrounded ourselves with the people we love the most, our darling friends and family. For a little preview on who we are and what makes us tick, check out our epic wedding video below, made by the incredibly talented
      The Wedding Tape