How To Create The Best Timeline For a Stress Free Wedding

      Weddings are a huge investment on your behalf and timelines can make or break a day when it comes to having a relaxed, stress-free wedding. The more time and effort you put into planning and forward thinking, the more likely things will run smoothly on the day, which means maximum enjoyment time for you and your guests.


      To help you with your timeline, we recommend the following tips:


      1. Make sure you allow enough time for travel between locations

      Allowing enough travel time between locations is key to a stress-free wedding day. It’s such a shame when couples haven’t allowed enough time between the ceremony, the bridal portraits and getting to the reception, meaning they end up missing key lighting times. You don’t want to miss out on having your photographs taken at sunset due to still travelling in the car to get there. Sunset is the best time for photographs and you want to maximise the time that you have together to have your portraits taken. Don’t make the mistake of not allowing enough time and feeling rushed to get your photo’s taken before it gets dark.

      2. Do a practise drive between locations

      The best way to plan out how long the drive will take, is to put your locations into Google Maps and go drive that distance. If you are having your wedding on a weekday you should also allow for any afternoon traffic. So make sure you do the test drive on that specific weekday, to get a sense for what is will be like on that day. Doing a practise run will help you figure out in your mind exactly how much time you need to allow to get from your hotel/airbnb to your ceremony and then to your reception.

      If you are having a destination wedding or a location that is too far for you to drive locally, get some expert advice from the people that live in the area. You can still plan out your route via Google Maps, as it is pretty good at estimating how long something is going to take in real time. Once you’ve planned out your route, then add 10+ minutes to allow for traffic and unforeseen circumstances.

      Having extra time up your sleeve is a good thing, you will feel far less stressed on your wedding day. I promise!


      3. Don’t forget about parking and walking to your destination

      Allow enough time for parking, getting out of the car (if you have a large bridal party, this will take time) and walking to your intended spot. Account for anything that might take you longer, such as whether you are walking in heels, or you have a long train on your dress, or you’ve brought your pets along or you need to make arrangements for anyone who requires special mobility support. Each of these moments may take time and you want to ensure that everyone feel’s like they can enjoy themselves without the rush.

      4. Carve out some time for the two of you

      I always encourage my couples to allow some time for just the two of them, away from everybody else, even if it’s only for 20mins or so. This will be such a special time that you look back on and it’s one of the most special parts of the day, actually getting to hang out with each other amongst the madness of it all, so don’t forget to schedule it in! We recommend scheduling in this time towards the end of the Bridal Portraits (before you head back to your reception) or perhaps before your ceremony. This is traditionally called a first look, which is a really lovely way to see each other for the first time, especially if you are feeling nervous about walking down the aisle. A first look isn’t for everyone, but it can be really special. It was something that Ben and I did for our wedding day and I’m so glad we did. It was so exciting, we cried and laughed and hugged and kissed and did it all again for the ceremony and it really was so much fun!

      And if you’re super keen to avoid the madness and stress of a big wedding, then maybe an elopement might be more your thing?! If so, ask us how we can help you plan it out.



      5. Don’t forget about sunset.

      Sunset is the ultimate time to have your wedding photographs taken, so make sure you factor in sunset times for your specific date. Remember also that sunset times during the summer will be later than in winter. Often, venues will expect you back at a certain time and sometimes it can be right in the middle of sunset. We recommend letting the venue know that you’ll be back after dark as you really don’t want to miss out on this time for photographs. Your images will look incredible during this magical, golden hour and it will be totally worth it.

      If you like this blog, or you have any more tips to add, please comment below 🙂