10 Self-Care Wedding Tips

      I highly encourage looking after yourself before, during and after your wedding. Did you know that getting married is considered one of life’s most stressful periods?

      It’s inevitable when planning a wedding, that you will feel stressed, especially if you’ve never planned a massive event like a wedding before (even if it’s a small one).

      So how do keep yourself cool, calm and collected before, during and after your wedding? Here are my 10 Self-Care Wedding Tips:

      1. Work out your priorities, then let the rest go

      It’s so important to work out what is best for you. Not your parents, not your best friend, not your work colleagues or your boss. Think about what you want and start there. Figure out what makes you feel good – is it being near water, or do you like the idea of getting out of the city and getting married in the country, or would you rather just elope? Once you know exactly what you want, stick to your guns and don’t let anyone else sway you. It’s your day, you’ve been imagining it for almost forever. And anything that doesn’t serve you, let it go. You don’t have to have a 10-tier wedding cake if that doesn’t align with what matters most to you.

      2. Daily Gratitude Journal

      One of the best tools I’ve discovered to manage stress and feeling overwhelmed is to keep a gratitude journal. It’s really easy and simple to do, it’s just a matter of making it a daily habit. I have this beautiful pink book, where I write 10 things down that I’m grateful for every day. This practice allows you to pause and think about all the beautiful things that are already happening in your life… like your ability to breathe, see, feel and hear; that you’re alive, or simply that you can brush your teeth. Doing this little activity helps to put everything in to perspective.


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      3. Do something that makes YOU feel good now (walk, read, have a bath)

      Some people love reading, others don’t enjoy it so much. I love reading a good book, but sometimes I have to be in the mood. Figuring out what I like to do outside of work, has been a journey in itself and something that my older sister Nikkola helped me to figure out. Consciously choosing what makes me feel good, has been really important, because it doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else. It can also be a little bit every day or once a week. After some reflection I realised that I love to listen to a podcast, or some jazz, take a bath, or watch a show about design or architecture. I’ve also discovered that cooking and cleaning can be very therapeutic for me. Any and all of these things can help shift your energy, so when you are feeling a bit average or not quite yourself, experiment with different things until you find the thing that YOU like to do. And do it often!

      For more tips and encouragement on how to make conscious choices that make you feel good check out Conscious Living Project.


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      4. Morning Rituals

      How you spend your days, is how you spend the rest of your life. Setting up your intentions for the day and having a calming and energising morning ritual can help set up your day and ultimately the rest of your life. Working on a commitment to a morning ritual in the months leading up to your wedding is something you will really need, maybe more than ever.

      And remember, a morning ritual doesn’t have to be a big thing. It could be as simple as having a glass of warm water and lemon to wake up your digestive system, putting on some soothing music and a candle, doing some stretches, writing down your gratitude’s or writing yourself a love letter. Giving yourself the gift of 20 mins every morning to set up your mood and intentions will make such a huge difference, especially when things get really hectic. Click here for tips on how to write your love letter.

      5. Counselling/Coaching

      I have had some epic coaches and counsellors in my lifetime, and I’m forever grateful for them. People who are not rooted in your personal life can provide a non-biased view. It’s just really good to talk with someone who isn’t going to judge you, instead they can offer support, guidance and help you navigate whatever you’re going through. This can be really helpful in the months leading up to the wedding, to keep you grounded and help you navigate the ups and down’s of wedding planning. I wouldn’t be where I am without the help, love and support of some key people in my life. Your wedding celebrant or officiant will (legally) be bound to encourage you to have marriage counselling before you get married. It’s really good to do this before your wedding, because once you’re married you will want to have the tools and strategies to overcome anything as a couple. More power to you!

      6. Deep breathing + meditation

      Deep breaths do wonders. We all know this, but sometimes we forget. 10 slow deep breaths can really help calm you down. If you’ve never meditated before, short meditations on the daily can be super helpful to sort through the million thought’s racing through your brain. I recommend 1 Giant Mind for this – it’s a really easy guided meditation with tips and knowledge on how to meditate without judging yourself.

      7. Clean eating + lots of water

      You know this already, but eating healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water is good for you. If you’ve set intentions for how you want to feel every day, (and for the wedding day itself), then it only makes sense to look after your insides, to help support those intentions. When we look after our insides, our insides look after us. I know that when I’ve fasted and eaten well, my tummy is happy and I feel more confident in myself. Supported fasting and cleansing is also a ritual I live by and I feel my absolute best when I do.

      For tips on a happy gut I would recommend looking at The Beauty Chef, or for the benefits of fasting look into Michael Mosley.


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      8. Essential Oils

      I wish I had Essential Oils in my life before! I could have used them in the lead up when I was feeling particularly stressed with my wedding planning.

      My top favourite oils are Lavender, Peppermint and Frankincense, because:

      I use Lavender on my temples and under my nose to help me get to sleep. I have trouble falling asleep and often wake during the night – a few drops of this and I’m out in 10 minutes.

      Peppermint I use for headaches. Peppermint is great to put on the forehead and temples, especially for when I feel a head ache coming on. It is the GREATEST natural remedy I can get my hands on and immediately relieves tension.

      I use a drop of Frankincense in my face cream, to help with scarring and to clear my skin. I suffered from bad acne, but since I’ve been using frankincense and drinking more water my skin has never been so clear which helps with self confidence.

      Using essential oils has helped with my general well being. When I use the oils, I find I am able to alleviate stress and shift my energy if I’m not feeling my best. If you want these in your life, contact me for more info.


      9. Protect your energy

      Leading up to and on the day of the wedding, I feel it is super important to protect your energy. There are some practical ways to do this. All of the above tips + getting plenty of rest and sleep, having a chiropractic adjustment (highly recommend Marslen Chiropractic) and only surrounding yourself with the people who lift you up (not down!)

      When you’re getting ready for your wedding, this can be a great time to set your mood and intentions for the day, (something you can have months to develop and practise). It’s only human that we don’t get along with everyone and if there is someone who really irritates you, then you can choose to not have them in the room with you. This is how you can protect your energy.

      On the day of a wedding when a bride or groom is getting ready I sometimes see them becoming stressed and upset by other people’s comments and negative energy. Do what you can to surround yourself with people who fully support you and delegate tasks to your groomsmen or bridesmaids, so you’re not running around on the day.

      10. Plan for some down time post-wedding

      If you’re not planning a honeymoon, do it now! Now I’m not talking about an expensive 5-star experience, with a 46-hour long trip to get to some remote island – although how amazing would that be! I’m talking about the post-wedding time you’re spending together.

      The wedding day itself goes by SO fast! Before you know it you’re walking down the aisle, hugging and kissing your guests, having your photo taken, partying on the dance floor and the day is done. After so many months of planning, poofff! All over red rover!

      It can be a little overwhelming once the party is over and some couples suffer from post-wedding blues but this doesn’t have to be if you have some intentional downtime scheduled. I recommend a minimum 5 days to rest, relax and get intimate with your new husband or wife. You may never get this time back again and it’s so important for the two of you to celebrate just the two of you, in your own space and your own time. You won’t regret it.


      If you have any other tips you’d like to share, comment below!

      Karyn xxx

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