What’s in The Camera Bag?


      People often ask me what kind of camera gear I’m using! I decided to take a real picture of what’s in my camera bag so you can see what I carry with me to all my weddings (some of the bits + pieces aren’t in this pic):

      Camera bag, clements and the fox

      List of Camera Bag Items:

      • Canon 5D Mark III
      • Canon 5D Mark IV
      • Hold Fast straps (great for back support)
      • 6 x 32G CF Memory Cards
      • 1 x 128G SD Memory Card
      • 1 x 64G SD Memory Card
      • 2 x 16g SD Memory Card
      • 2 x 8g SD Memory Card
      • Canon 6D
      • 6 x Canon Batteries
      • 2 x Lighters
      • 2 x Memory Hard Cover Case
      • 8 x Rechargeable A4 Batteries
      • 12 x general A4 Batteries
      • 35mm Lens
      • 50mm Lens
      • 12-24 Lens
      • 70 – 200mm Lens
      • Sirui Travel Tripod (super handy!)
      • Pro Master Mono Pod
      • 6 x Hard Drives (I back up images online as well)
      • Memory Card Reader
      • 3 x Flash
      • Headphones
      • 2 x Reading Glasses
      • Mac book Pro + charger + adaptors
      • Lowepro Roller Carry Bag
      • Pocket Wifi
      • H4 Zoom Recorder + Rode Mic
      • My husband 😉


      Safety First

      As you can see I carry a lot of gear with me. The double ups serve as back up gear to ensure that I protect your images. The Canon 5D Mark III & IV allow me to photograph with two memory cards at the same time. This means that my images are backing up as I go.

      Not pictured in the bag is my insurance and public liability, to cover for anything that might go wrong. You can rest assured that I look after my stuff, which means I look after my couples and their precious images!

      When I first started it seemed like a far away dream that one day I would own all the necessary gear to do an outstanding job. To help get through that early experimental phase, I would always hire my gear. In doing so, I was able to test out a range of great equipment and become familiar with my favourite gear before investing in the serious stuff. My 35mm and 100mm are my absolute favourite lenses and if you are a photographer who wants to improve their photography I would highly recommend investing in prime lenses first. You can always upgrade your camera body later on.

      Would love to know your thoughts if you think I’m missing anything important!!! (although not sure I can fit much more in my bag)!


      Karyn xxx

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