Albums: Memories you can hold in your heart and your hands

      One of the most precious things you can hold with your hands and treasure with your heart, is a printed album.

      Remember that feeling when you’re at your grandparent’s house looking through old picture frames in total awe of their old wedding photos?

      It’s kind of hard to believe, but one day in the future we are all going to be old and wrinkly (hopefully), and we’ll be doing the very same thing. “Oh young Ava! Back in my day… we wore flowers on our head, took our shoes off and danced our way ‘til sunrise. Oh how I miss your grandpa…” And that will be the moment you whip out the old wedding album to proudly show the little ones your most precious and loved memories.



      Print & Cherish

      We don’t know if one day the internet will crash and burn and all our digital imprints on the world will disappear (touch wood it doesn’t!) Hopefully nothing awful like that will happen!!! But we don’t know what the future holds. This is why we highly encourage our clients to print their images (and also save, store and back them up). Having something physical to share with your friends and family will have a bigger impact in real time, instead of swiping right, scrolling or viewing a digital image for only a few seconds. Sitting down to soak in the essence of an image is a luxurious experience. It has texture and depth.

      Searching far and wide, we have found Vision Art to be masters at crafting albums that artistically reflect the intimacy of a celebrating love with family and friends. In designing my own wedding album, I settled for nothing less and am so happy with the level of craftsmanship by Vision Art. I couldn’t recommend anyone else. Our Wedding Album is pictured below – this is a 12 x 12″ size album.



      They are simply beautiful to hold. Better yet to share in person, over a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine.


      Premium Fine Art Albums

      It is our desire to help you capture your images in an artistic and beautifully crafted Premium Fine Art Album. We will work closely with you to create an exquisite momento that reflects your personality, the love in your marriage and a significant mark in your life. 

      This is just the beginning of a beautiful and rich life together.


      Karyn xxx

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