Joleen … The first time this girl came into my life, she showed me the possibility of one day having an insanely beautiful life, through having lived an incredible one of her own. We worked together 6 years ago at a beachside café, and she was a wildfire. A wild thing in my life. She shook me, my eyes widening to the world around me. We worked hard, we had highs and lows and I had a girl crush on her from day dot. Joleen has travelled the world, modelled for some of the biggest names you would know and has lived an interesting and colourful life. I look up to her as one wise woman, always guiding me and happily doing my goddess cards. This goddess of a woman just loves simply old me for me and always welcomes me with arms wide open.

      When I’m around her, I feel calm, at ease and connected to mother nature. She is infectious with her maternal essence. I love to just be in the same room as her. She speaks to my soul.

      Joleen asked me to take her photo, breastfeeding her two-year-old, while being 33 weeks pregnant.

      And we made a little magic.